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A Letter From One Of Our Beautiful Clients

A letter from one of our beautiful clients 11/05/2018

I have been a client of Elements Face and Body for more than 10 years and go for regular facials - which I love! At the start of this year, Deb gave me the chance to try out the OBSERV skin analysis system.

I didn’t think we’d find anything - I’m in my twenties with olive skin - but I do spend a lot of time in the sun, so was interested.

The scan showed some unexpected pigmentation on my upper lip. Deb suggested I have it checked by the doctor (advice which I let sit for months - I avoid doctors!).

When I did finally see my GP, he took one look and referred me to the skin cancer clinic. The clinic performed the removal and subsequent biopsy on first consultation.

This time I was lucky - we caught it early! I’d highly recommend having a go at the OBSERV machine. I’ve also learned the importance of having skin checked by a professional on a regular basis! Once again,

THANK YOU to Deb and the team! - Lauren

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