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At Elements Face & Body we have a select range of diffusers and organic oils to complement your mood, lifestyle and home.

Why Choose :

Lively Living Diffusers

  • Large exclusive range to suit your home and décor

  • Patented world leading technology

  • Diffusers for large spaces, to play music, the office, travel and the car!

  • Ethically produced and sourced from Wood pulp, Glass, Ceramic, Bamboo, BPA Free Plastics

  • Award Winning manufacturing partner

Lively Living Essential Oils

  • Sourced globally in the natural environment, direct from the farmers.

  • Largest range of certified organic oils you will find!

  • 100% pure essential oil, certified organic by the ACO

  • Pre mixed to support Anxiety, Breathe, Stress Release, Positivity, Sleep and so much more

  • Purchase individually, or save in set options

We also stock the Award winning Aroma Snooze sleep aid for babies and children.

The Aroma-Snooze assists your child get to sleep quicker and stay asleep, plus a myriad of other benefits too.


The Aroma-Snooze is widely used to assist:

*Positive Bedtime Routine  * Falling Asleep  *Longer Periods of Sleep  *Deeper Sleep 

*Separation Anxiety * Behaviour  *Nightmares  *Day Naps  *Transitioning * Self Settle

*Improved Air and Breathing     *Early Risers  * Sleep Regression.


Research shows that sleep is the foundation of a happy healthy child and adult. The Aroma-Snooze is the 

ONLY sleep aid on the market today which offers all these combined features in the one quality machine. 

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