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 Whether you are after a luxurious facial treatment, a targeted treatment or just wanting to unwind,  our facial experts will take care of you. Treat yourself or someone you love to the ultimate in self-care

Relaxation Facials

Elements Signature Express Facial

30 minutes         $85

An express facial treatment tailored to your skin for busy people

Elements Signature Plus Facial

45 minutes          $99

Perfect for a lunch time treat tailored to your skin

Elements Essential Facial

60 minutes          $129


A complete facial tailored to your skin aimed at helping you become fully relaxed.  Includes steam cleanse

to open pores and enjoy a hand massage during mask treatment

Hydrofacial                 45 minutes          $135

Suitable for all skin types and expectant mums - using our new Hydro machine to deep cleanse and hydrate your skin using pressurised water and vacuum technology with oxygen infusion to calm and soothe      


Lira Clinical Facials

Our results driven ultimate in sensory relaxation Lira facials use a combination of Plant Stem Cells, Peptides, Vitamins and Minerals to provide rich nourishment for healthy beautiful skin.           


45 minutes           $129 except *

Lira Lifting - Hydrating, firming and lifting for all skin types
Lira Balancing - T-zone relief for combination skin types
Lira Acne Relief - Refining, calming extraction procedure for correction
Lira Acne Essential - Relieving extraction treatment for correction
Lira Ultra Hydrating Caviar Deluxe * The ultimate luxury hydrating calming facial using
Lira Caviar Creme to promote hydration, healing and brightening.  For dry, mature and sensitive skins

45 minutes           $149


Lira Clinical Conditioning Treatments

Start your journey into skin correction with our Clinical Conditioning Treatments to support change in the skin with no downtime or pre-care required.  Recommended as a series of between 3 to 12 treatments which can be recalibrated as your skin journey progresses - ask us about our package deals


MYSTIQ Elite Treatment (HOLLYWOOD FACIAL) - For instant results, a balancing lifting treatment that brightens and illuminates- great for that function glow and WOW factor. Using Lira’s secret ingredient from the Mediterranean, Mastiha, an ancient ingredient that promotes natural skin brightening and tightening. Includes Lira’s MYSTIQ line containing orange plant stem cells, silver, gold and Vitamin C.

Pumpkin Anti-Ageing Treatment - Pumpkin Plus Definer treatment to combat the signs of ageing

Brightening Plus Treatment

- Using Lactic Clear Definer for photo damaged, pigmented and dehydrated skins. Perfect for global skin types

NEW - Probiotic Power - Refresh and protect your skin with a powerful detoxifying treatment to brighten and firm skin.  Restores skins vitality and natural hydration and guardis against pollution using botanical antioxidants and probiotics

Skinstitut 5 a Day Facials                         60 minutes          $145

Skinstituts popular skin specific facials

Hydrating - Ageing - Correcting - Calming - Brightening


Lira Gentlemans Facial                                                                                  45 minutes         $129

Full brightening and hydrating treatment specifically chosen for male skin.  The ultimate skin workout

Mens Cleanse & Exfoliate                                                                           30 minutes         $85

Mens Revitalise                                                                                             45 minutes          $99

Add On's To Booked Treatments

De-Stress Collagen Eye Treatment  $38

LED Light Therapy                                $39

Hydro or Microdermabrasion             $35

Extractions                                             $25

Hand & Foot Exfoliate Massage         $45

Ultrasonic Treatment                            $25

NEW - Hydrocalm/Barrier Correct - fa repair and strengthening treatment for compromised skins.  Perfect for clients with impaired barriers and compromised skins through oncology, high cortisol, post de-pigmentation and prescription strength Vitamin A.

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