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Dermatonics® is an original and unique professional skincare range from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. Formulated by a husband and wife team (Dr Donna Lee Marçal and Dr Helder Marçal). With years of scientific knowledge and research behind Dermatonics®, they were driven to formulate effective and Australian-made skincare products with a difference. They specifically develop products with ultra-pure natural bioactive ingredients to have a purpose and deliver true functional benefits and consumer value. In collaboration with Sentryca Pty Ltd, we co-create our skin care products with ultra-pure strat ingredients that are extracted and prepared using SuperCritical Fluid Technology to ensure the highest quality, consumer confidence and safety for your clients.


Dermatonics® skincare :
1) achieves results
2) is gentle on the skin
3) hydrates the skin and
4) does this without harsh chemicals but with beautiful natural ingredients.


Our products can help achieve your skin goals while being gentle, nourishing and helping repair the skin barrier.


The Dermatonics® range contains unique combinations of medicinal plants, herbs, nutrients, spices and other targeted active molecules and follow the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, methods and preparations.

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