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spray tanning

St.Tropez is the leading Tanning brand chosen by celebrities, professionals and beauty editors alike. St.Tropez’s wardrobe of products provides a natural looking, streak-free tan to suit every skin tone and lifestyle. The multi-award winning, salon-inspired formulations are paraben-free, easy-to-apply, contain 100% natural tanning agent, as well as a Mood-Boosting fragrance for no self tan smell.  

Full Body      $40

Half Body     $25   - Top or Bottom

Re-spray       $25 - within 10 days

Package of 3       $110

Package of 5       $180

St Tropez develops over time - from a light glow to a deeper colour - you decide 


Spray Tan Tips - 

Exfoliate and moisturise at least 24 hours prior to tan

Wax or shave at least 48 hours prior to tan to allow pores to close and avoid dark spots

Don't apply moisturiser, make-up, perfume or deodorant the day of the tan 

Wear loose clothing and footwear to your tan appointment

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